Green Embassy on Vancouver Fashion Week by Style by Fire

March 22, 2014 7:54 am


Green Embassy is Australia’s first internationally recognized organically certified fashion label. Says Turkish-born designer Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, “I want women to know that their art piece garment is as earth-friendly as possible, and that they can definitely wear stylish yet guilt-free fashions. My hands have touched everything which makes every garment haute-couture and unlike any other.”

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Vancouver Fashion Week 2014 Day 1: Green Embassy

March 21, 2014 11:48 am

Vancouver Fashion Week 2014

The first day of runway shows at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) always offers a little extra excitement. But with 60 designers from 30 countries on the schedule this season, the energy was palpable. Media, buyers and fashion enthusiasts could be found in the lobby, up in the VIP lounge and on the runway greeting those they haven’t seen since last season, sipping wine and talking about the designers showcasing that day. Big smiles were in evidence everywhere – lots of hugs and warm greetings the norm.

Green Embassy – was another collection that stood out for creating unique garments from unusual fabric – in this case wool felting. Turkish born artist/designer Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is the creative force behind this Australian label, each a hand-made and totally unique. In She grew up with a love of nature and learned dressmaking from her mother and spinning/weaving from her grandmother. In 2004 she rediscovered her love of art and complete studies at the University of Creative Arts in London and Curtin University in WA. I love this description found on her website, “…a collectible artisan haute-couture label with higher meaning. In essence, her wearable pieces of art are individual prayers for sustainability on earth.” The goal is to find that perfect balance between couture, sustainability and the concept of slow fashion.

I sat in awe during this show. There was something very organic about the way the textural fabrics and unique dye choices were combined the the silhouette and each is unique. Fabrics include 100% handmade organic Australian alpaca, merino, silk and recycled natural fibres. Each garment is crafted and hand dyed and knits are fashioned from hand-spun yarns. This is wearable art and I can only hope to have a garment from Green Embassy hanging in my closet one day. Kudos to the designer on a show that took my breath away.

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VFW FW14 Opening Gala Best Dressed (Green Embassy)

March 20, 2014 6:27 pm

Remy Green Embassy DressVancouver Fashion Week’s Opening Gala is the biggest night of fashion in the city. This year’s event at the Chinese Cultural Centre delivered an array of colour, styles and people. Whether the guests were students, business owners or designers, everyone was ready to show off their best look, and they did not disappoint. It may have been due to the flowing alcohol or the excitement behind this year’s newest collections, but attendees were particularly enthusiastic about speaking with HUSH Magazine and posing for street style. Read more here.

Remy was chosen as one of the best dressed wearing Green Embassy’s dress designed by Zuhal Kuvan-Mills.

GREEN EMBASSY Debuts Organic Art Line at EcoLuxe London

March 20, 2014 4:46 pm

green embassy ecoluxe london

Australian Designer Bursts on to London Fashion Scene With Coveted Handmade Textile Designs

Awe-inspiring clothing label, GREEN EMBASSY, debuted their line on 17 February at the EcoLuxe London event, a luxury sustainable fashion show held during London Fashion Week. GREEN EMBASSY is an artisan clothing label created by Australian Artist & Fashion Designer Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, and her work celebrates the spirit of sustainability. In a unique fusion of timeless textile sculptures, traditional handmade techniques, organically certified materials and luxury quality, these wearable art pieces elevate slow fashion to a whole new level. With a superb eco-conscious ethos, the line’s sumptuous garments pay homage to the brilliance of nature, the community, and life as a whole. GREEN EMBASSY is designed, knitted, spun, felted, stitched and embroidered from scratch by artist, designer and earth ambassador Zuhal Kuvan-Mills at her sun-drenched farm in the Western Australian bush. This emerging ‘organic aesthetic’ brand offers multi-purpose garments which balance elegantly between sophistication, sustainability and contemporary slow fashion.

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Green Embassy: eco friendly fashion at Vancouver Fashion Week

March 13, 2014 9:59 am


Vancouver Fashion Week is quickly approaching! I wanted to give some exposure to some international talent making their way over to the West Coast to show their collections this year, so I caught up with a few of the designers. First up, Green Embassy – a line designed by Zuhal Kuvan-Mills in Western Australia. She designs certified organic couture and also is a veterinarian! If you’re interested in eco friendly fashion, this is one designer you need to know.

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Green Embassy Organic Haute Couture Eco-fashion showcase at LFW 14

March 13, 2014 9:14 am

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Green Embassy – Fashion Show in Seattle

March 13, 2014 8:50 am


The University of Washington was the host for this truly one of a kind fashion show. A lot of the clothes modeled were ‘GREEN’/Environmentally friendly. The Student Union Building was packed with eager and excited fashion forward guests awaiting to view the garments that were going to walkout on the runway. Located in the Ballroom, the booming music could be heard from all the way downstairs. One of the featured designers who showcased their designs was Green Embassy.

Green Embassy, Australia’s first internationally recognized organic fashion label. Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is the artist, designer and earth ambassador for Green Embassy. Extreme kudos to the UW for having such a well recognized designer headline their show.

So what does it mean to have environmentally helpful clothing? Using 100% certified organic Australian alpaca, merino, silk and recycled natural fibres, Zuhal’s handmade collections are earthy yet sublime, authentic yet edgy. This is something to take note of. Changing how we see fashion entirely and challenging our thought process of wearable beauty.

With a rare commitment to zero-waste production and natural handmade materials, the Turkish-born creative director, artist and designer has created a collectable artisan haute-couture label with higher meaning. In essence, her wearable pieces of art are individual prayers for sustainability on earth.

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Press Release from Miss Eco Glam

March 13, 2014 8:44 am