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March 22, 2014 9:46 am

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I was very excited to attend the Green Embassy show at Vancouver Fashion Week.

From the images on the website, I knew I was in for a treat. Then seeing these visions glide down the runway was even more amazing.

I also had the honour to interview the beautiful designer.

GREEN EMBASSY is Australia’s first internationally recognized organically certified fashion label. As a company they believe that sustainability should be at the heart of their business and of the fashion industry. With a strong focus on a modern minimalist feel along with practicality, eco-conscious consumers flock to the line. Zuhal herself find daily inspiration for her artisan line through mature textile crafting traditions, and the beauty lurking in the Australian Outback. Each and every garment easily shows her responsibility toward living sustainably, organic architecture, and art. GREEN EMBASSY uses only the finest materials such as 100% certified organic Australian alpaca, merino, silk and organic natural fibers. The brand recently had a successful show for EcoLuxe London for London Fashion Week 2014, and is also participated recently in a Seattle for the “Everybody Every Body Fashion Show” where the debut of their Night in The Bush Collection took place. GREEN EMBASSY is also slotted to present in a New York eco fashion show for May.

Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is the true modern renaissance woman. This debut fashion line is her new baby born from her love for textile art. Like a true artist, she is not bound by one medium and soon exploded into fashion with her artfully crafted pieces. Zuhal’s line aims to celebrate every woman and make us feel capable and strong when we don on these pieces. The most amazing part of her story is the fact that she has only been doing this for a few months! Her collection has already jetsetted around the world at different fashion weeks. Speaks volumes to the caliber of her work.

“Vancouver Fashion Week has been very successful, and has even extended their six-day events to a seven-day run.” States Designer Zuhal Kuvan-Mills. “I’m very happy to have GREEN EMBASSY be a part of it. I want women to know that their art piece garment is as earth-friendly as possible, and that they can definitely wear stylish yet guilt-free fashions. My hands have touched everything which makes every garment haute-couture and unlike any other.

I absolutely love the fact that this whole collection is certified organic and eco friendly. She has over 50 alpacas and all the threads are made from their fur harvested cruelty free. No additional dyes are used the colors are the original colors of the alpacas. Zuhal also advocates zero waste, her piece that closed the show is actually made from left over material. When she told me that I almost fainted in disbelief! We need to do more to help reduce the amount of textile waste created in this world.

Zuhal is an absolutely incredible woman, her warmth and insight has really inspired me to live even more eco-friendly. In the world of convenience and fast fashion, when we spend $10 on a piece of clothing, who really pays the price? Powerful and thought provoking quote from her is where I will be leaving off this post. I hope we can all do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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