Empty Oceans Feature by the Bahamas Weekly

November 24, 2016 6:46 pm


“The conservation of our oceans is close to my heart,” says Perth-based Australian eco fashion designer and visual artist, Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, “especially after my encounter with whales on the Southern Oceans a few years ago in Albany, Western Australia. It is a memory that is embedded into my soul.”

As an environmental activist, designer and artist Kuvan-Mills believes art and fashion impact our emotions and can move us to value our blue planet. She is the ambassador for Green Embassy, Australia’s first internationally recognised organic fashion label.

The Empty Ocean Series collection was inspired by the fragile beauty of our ocean’s ecosystems and all their living creatures. Pollution, over fishing and the continued killing of marine mammals was the catalyst in the creation of this work from the very beginning says Kuvan-Mills.

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