About Us

Green EmbassyGREEN EMBASSY is an artisan clothing label celebrating the spirit of sustainability.

In a unique fusion of timeless textile sculptures, traditional handmade techniques, organically certified materials and luxury quality, our wearable art pieces elevate slow fashion to a whole new level.

With our superbly conscious ethos, our sumptuous garments pay homage to the brilliance of nature, the community and ourselves.

Our eco-fashion items are 100% created by hand in Australia and certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), the leading standard for quality assurance in organic textiles manufacturing worldwide.

We have the highest levels of integrity around labour conditions, social justice and production practices.

As an artist-created rather than fashion-designed label, our haute couture collections are utterly timeless contemporary art pieces. Created to be handed down from generation to generation, our precious pieces are art works for the wardrobe.

Modern, minimalist, functional and alluring, our work is for the discerning consumer who values the beauty of hand-crafted things fashioned from earth-friendly methods of production.

A signature GREEN EMBASSY piece involves flirting with earthy abstract shapes of drawings, natural prints, lush hand made fabrics and a sleek finishing line. Each collection is heavily inspired by ancient textile making techniques with a sense of contemporary grandeur.

Using 100% handmade organic Australian alpaca, merino, silk and recycled natural fibres, each garment is beautifully unique. Each item is entirely hand crafted and hand dyed. Our knits are made from hand-spun yarns.

GREEN EMBASSY is designed, knitted, spun, felted, stitched and embroidered from scratch by artist, designer and earth ambassador Zuhal Kuvan-Mills at her sun-drenched farm in the Western Australian bush. This emerging ‘organic aesthetic’ brand offers multi-purpose garments which strike a fine balance between sophistication, sustainability and contemporary slow fashion.