Pamela Anderson Wearing Empty Oceans Fishnet Top in Contributor Magazine Feature

November 24, 2016 7:00 pm


“If I have nothing to live up to, I can’t disappoint anybody. If I form a full sentence I’m a genius. People are shocked. They’re like, ‘Oh my God, you’re so smart.’ It’s one of those backward compliments. Or, ‘You look really great without makeup.’”

Pamela Anderson is well aware of the general perception of her. But she knows she transcends her Baywatch image of running slow-motion alongside crashing waves, her big blonde hair bouncing as she carries that weird orange floating life preserver thing that never seems to be used. She has been the reigning global sex symbol since her first Playboy cover in 1989, but her mark on the world is more profound than anything she’s accomplished as a model and actress.

The number of causes she campaigns for is staggering – Haitian relief, AIDS research, animal rights, various environmental concerns – the list goes on and on. She has her own charity, the Pamela Anderson Foundation, that supports various causes. She is not a dilettante star dabbling in activism for good PR. Ever since she entered the pop culture sphere, she has been tirelessly using her celebrity to fight for issues dear to her.

Pamela wears a recycled Fishnet tank top by Green Embassy. Pamela wears a tie dye linen coat by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, organic cotton loose wrap shirt and shorts by Bsbee and slingbacks by Amelie Pichard X Pamela Anderson.” Read more here…

Empty Oceans Feature by the Bahamas Weekly

November 24, 2016 6:46 pm


“The conservation of our oceans is close to my heart,” says Perth-based Australian eco fashion designer and visual artist, Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, “especially after my encounter with whales on the Southern Oceans a few years ago in Albany, Western Australia. It is a memory that is embedded into my soul.”

As an environmental activist, designer and artist Kuvan-Mills believes art and fashion impact our emotions and can move us to value our blue planet. She is the ambassador for Green Embassy, Australia’s first internationally recognised organic fashion label.

The Empty Ocean Series collection was inspired by the fragile beauty of our ocean’s ecosystems and all their living creatures. Pollution, over fishing and the continued killing of marine mammals was the catalyst in the creation of this work from the very beginning says Kuvan-Mills.

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