Green Embassy Featured on Community News

July 18, 2015 11:11 am


AS part of her plan to protect the earth’s animals and nature, Zuhal Kuvan-Mills has created a new 2016 Spring Summer collection that has once again embraced recycling, protection, nurturing and divinity.

Her brand Green Embassy is Australia’s first internationally recognised organically certified fashion label.

Her previous collections which have sold out overseas include eco-printed organic cottons, organically merino and alpaca wools embedded with eucalyptus leaves and fine dyed-silks.

In this latest collection she uses flowers, plants and natural materials to help convey her message about the fragility and sensitivity of the world’s ecosystems.

“This time my abstract eco-prints are made from hibiscus flowers, bougainvilleas, ferns, orchids, purple carrots, pomegranates, forest berries, beetroot, red cabbage and turmeric and the lotus,” she said from her home in Brigadoon.

For the raindrops and dew, Kuvan-Mills has chosen bursts of Swarovski’s crystal, beads and glass which give the garments a 1920s edge of elegance, romance and sophistication.

This season her colour palette is a feast for the senses with golds, creams, crimsons and violets.

Delicate and subtle and also visually stunning, Silent Rainforest evokes the lightness of the rainforest canopy with its sea of ferns, mosses, trees, butterflies, colourful birds and flowers.

Kuvan-Mills said much of her inspiration had come from the 1962 classic Silent Spring, a book by Rachel Carson which is widely regarded as launching the modern environmental movement. Read more here.

Long Coat Steals the Show

July 8, 2015 11:56 pm


I’m not in the business of fame.

But I have to admit, I was blown away when the Hollywood actress Adina Porter wore a Green Embassy garment for a red carpet event in LA late last year.

I first met Adina at Vancouver Fashion Week last September. She was sitting next to me, but I had absolutely no idea who she was! We got to chatting and kept in touch though it took me a month to realise she was a star.

The piece Adina chose was a stunning merino and alpaca fibres long coat – GOTS certified, of course.

It’s from the Regeneration collection, which was showcased during London Fashion Week and Ecoluxe London in 2014. Like all my other items, this garment was a labour of love, taking over two weeks to create.

In other news, the long coat was recently also in the running for a World Green Product Design Award. How exciting!

The award is an international not-for-profit competition for sustainable product design.

In line with the competition’s rules, Green Embassy had to be nominated through a third party recommendation – in this case, Felicia Shi, the GOTS China representative.

Anyway, the winners were announced at the World Green Design Forum Yangzhou Summit in China in May.

While we didn’t win the Award, it was such a huge honour to be nominated, given that we’re a small business up against much larger brands. It’s a positive sign that the world is really starting to notice our eco sustainable fashion brand.

Viva the long coat!